Hello I'm Yusri's Daughter

Hello i'm Arnie Yusnita Yusri. This entry is about my classmate. There are 47 students in my class and it's too crowded. At first time i came into 4PA2 class, i saw too many students in one class but all of them just like monkey. Who are Balvinder, Gupreet, and Asma. After a month i as student of 4PA2 class, i can see so many attitude at every single person. Aina likes to gossip all the time, every time when i came to school she always gossip, gossip and gossip (i have no idea what the hell is she gossip about) And Anis also same like Aina. But she is my best friend. And her attitude just same like a guy i mean a tomboy, haha -.- She love to punch people. Crazy ya? And yeah Dhanial. Yahaya's son a.k.a our class monitor. Arghhh! He such a *** He likes to do something stupid and he also like to sleep while teacher is teaching in front just same like Deanial Dzulkarnain and Qahar (telechubby) And next is Sabri, haha. We used to called him Sabrina. The reason why we call him Sabrina is because he's lips! He got the most sexy lips in the class. But yeah, he like people call him Sabrina (the hell) The planta, i mean Nik Amirul, haha. Just look at he's teeth and you guys will know what im trying to say. And the last person is Syazwan. The most pay attention student in our class. No wonder he always get better mark than us -.- Till then, bye

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