My 8 Minutes Survey

Instuction : Once you are tagged, answer all the question honestly. No lying or cheating :D

Starting time : 1700
Name : Muhammad Dhanial Yahaya
Brother(s) : Nehhhh!
Eye colour : Dark brown
Shoe size : 9/10
Hair : Macam rambut Siwon
Piercings : Nope!
What are you wearing right now : Short pant and sweater
Where do you live : Bukit Belimbing
Favourite number : 7
Favourite drink : Teh ais
Favourite breakfast : Nasi lemak


You talked to on the phone? : FS
Made you cry? : None
You went to the mall with? : Family
Who cheered you up? : My only Tam


Have a crush on someone : Yup
What books are you reading right now? : I hate books, so tak baca
Best feeling in the world : Melepaskan tahi
Future kids name? : Nur Naily Natalyaa
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : I don't have any stuffed animal
What's under your bed? : Lighter and cigarettes
Favourite sport(s) : None
Favourite place : Singapore
Who do you really hate? : Aminah Fhozi
Do you have a job? : Nope
What time is it now? : 1708

*I've deleted some question. Hahaha


.farah nadhirah. said...

laa patot la . tgk elya punye panjang . haha

Feeqa said...

shud be I've deleted.

aku rasa nk sekeh gak la baca mcm rambut siwon tu. and nk jugak nama naily? haha

dhanial yahaya said...

hahaha, malas la farah nak jawab panjang :D

okay salah, harus diperbetulkan. haha
tak eh siwon? yelah shindong laaa. haha