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i am just back from The Curve with FS and FS' MUMMY. ouh, it take a long time to reach the destination that we should head . after FS buying a few items at The Curve , we went Mines to find restaurants that can fill our stomach . im so hungry for god sake ! ni pun ambil masa yang lama to make final decision by FS . what the heck ! is it necessary FS ? -..-' and finally we fill our stomach at Kenny Rogers . and worth it , delicious ! *eh2 kau dhanial , perlu ke nak bagitahu everyone where you eat ? with whom you hang out ? what stuff you buy ? bla bla bla .


nurafiqahmohamadadnan said...

blog kita, suka ati la nk tulis apa ye x?
kalau annoyed jgn baca kn dhan? ;D

dylakamil said...

takpyh tulis nama feeqa panjang2. menyirap aku buat lenguh tgn taip nama dia. hahah

rda hot said...

Kita sentiasa HOT di blog sendiri. That's what I believe to improve mt self esteem. :)